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Where fashion meets efficiency!

  • The Best Diaper Bag! It's fashionable, lightweight, and has a wide open design to help keep all of your baby needs organized and on the go.
  • This  bag  is  made  from  thick  polyester  material. The  material  is  strong  and  water resistant.
  • With  2  front  insulated  bottle  pockets  that  keep  warm  for  2-4 hours! No need to worry about the milk or water spills, it comes right off!
  • This  new  version  of  the  bag  has  a  back  anti-theft  pocket  designed  to  keep  your  things  safe  and  make  you  feel  comfortable. You  can  put  some  precious  small  things in  it  when  you're  wearing  the  backpack,  such  as  phones,  keys,  and  wallets.
  • Includes 2 stroller belt clips to take the weight off your shoulders and stroll in style along with a USB phone charger!
  • It  has  an  opening  in  the  front  of  the  bag  with  a  waterproof  pocket.  The  PVC  waterproof pocket  is  suitable  for  wet  cloths/diapers.

It's the perfect bag for you and you little one!