Alchotester - Universal Phone Breathalyzer

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No one can buy a life, but you for sure can afford this Mini AlcoTester for Smartphones. Use this to save yours or your loved one's life. It's so portable and easy to use. Simply connect it to your device and you're good to go!  

No problem of incompatibility because it's specially designed for all Android and iOS devices. The digital display of 3 colors (Green/Normal, Yellow/Caution, and Red/Danger) will indicate a more accurate and efficient result. Life is the most precious thing in the world. Avoid incidents with Digital Breathalyzer Alcohol Detector For Smartphones. Buy it today!

User Manual Guide For iPhone

  1. Access your iPhone, and then press the switch tester 2 to 3 seconds, then the LCD screen will have a corresponding display.
  2. The state will warm up by the numbers jump to 10 to 0, then skip to blow 10 0 state, will complete warm-up program.
  3. Start the countdown 6 seconds when the mouth portion near the bottom of the tester pores, and 3-5 seconds continuously into the breath sensor, after the end of the countdown, the screen will display the test results.
  4. .When the test results meet the following range, "Danger" "dangerous" words will be displayed.

User Manual Guide For Android

  1. Android’s Phone Need a OTG Support to Function
  2. Please find your phone setting pattern
  3. Click in and found other setting
  4. Other setting found OTC connecting
  5. Open OTG device and long push tester power button till it make a short buming sound, at the same time the LCD screen may in green color and has a result accordingly.

How To Use:

  1. Paired/Connect theMini AlcoTester for Smartphones to your device.
  2. Blow softly like you are whistling.
  3. Wait for the result.

Green light - indicates that you are NORMAL.

Yellow light- indicates a CAUTION. It also means that you are almost drunk.

Red light - indicates DANGER. It means that you are drunk and cannot drive a car/motorcycle. Please also refer to your countries driving laws.


Please Note:

This product plus the backlight of three colors, you can display different data simultaneously displayed in different colors, such as excessive alcohol, in addition to specific digital display outside at the same time will be displayed in red on the display backlight, backlit display yellow warning strong state , showed no strong state drinking green backlight.

Digital backlit display and different colors can be more intuitive for consumers to see their drinking strong state.